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Revit 2010 Crashing when Deleting or Modifying Walls

August 25, 2009

Modifying or deleting walls in Revit Architecture 2010, causing your program to crash?

There is now a hotfix for this issue.

Hotfix: Crash when deleting or modifying walls:

Smoothing out pointer movement…

August 24, 2009

I would like to give all the AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 users out there, in the real world, a quick tip.

Several of you have called in describing a display anomaly as jerky pointer cursor movement  in AutoCAD Mechanical. We have found a simple solution for one situation. Users can fix this display issue by clearing the switch for Roll over Tool Tips.

Understanding this can be somewhat bothersome. We have included a snapshot of the guilty tool panel (accessed via the Options command), highlighting the area to be cleared.

Hope this makes your day a little smoother….


…The problem is fixed…



Revit 2010 Exporting Extra Geometry

August 18, 2009

When exporting your model from Revit 2010 to Navisworks 2010 you might notice your doors and windows are displaying  solid objects.

Hotfix – Revit Windows and Doors

This will resolve the issue with openings being displayed as solid objects within Navisworks 2010 when using the export plugin within Revit 2010.

Quick Access Toolbar

August 11, 2009

Some, who are using the AutoCAD 2010 Ribbon, have found that there are certain tools they want to access frequently but have to constantly flip back to another tab to see them.   A good example of this would be the Layer Toolbar.  Most of us have grown used to looking in the upper left corner of our screen to see which layer is current.  The default Ribbon setup has the Layer Toolbar placed solely in the Home panel, making it easy to lose track of your layer settings.

The Quick Access Toolbar can assist in this predicament.  Frequently utilized tools can be placed in the Quick Access Toolbar, minimizing searches that would otherwise have to be done. 


To add the Layer Toolbar from the Ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar, right click on the command to be added then select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.  If you add multiple commands, they can be grouped by right clicking on the Quick Access Toolbar and selecting Add Separator.  You can also relocate the quick Access Toolbar by selecting Show Quick Access Toolbar Below Ribbon.

Add To QAT

 New Layer Toolbar


Online License Transfer

August 11, 2009

Tom Stoeckel posted a video he created to give an overview of the new Online License Transfer utility for moving standalone licenses of 2010 version Autodesk software from one machine to another. This replaces the Portable License Utility that served the same function in older versions.

You can see the Tom’s post here at Without A Net, or you can go directly to the video here.