Labels and Tables panel missing icons


Excited to explore the latest features of Civil 3D 2010, The biggest interface change that stood out from all other Civil 3D products was the new Civil 3D Ribbon menu. The ribbon menu is a palette that displays task-based commands and controls. The ribbon is comprised of tabs, panels, and commands. The tabs contain panels and the panels contain commands. The panels are read from left to right, starting with civil functions and ending with the basic AutoCAD commands.

As I dug a little deeper, utilizing the tools in the ribbon to define new civil objects and labeling those objects, from within the Annotate Ribbon tab, where missing icons from the Labels and Tables panel. Discussions indicate the same issue being experienced by other users who have recently  installed Civil 3D 2010 Update 1!


Note: The Labels and Tables panel is empty.

For those of you who are going through the same situation and can’t seem to find an answer, I have come across two fixes I would like to share.

Solution 1: In the status bar, click on the Workspace Switching icon and select a different workspace from what’s current. For example; if the current workspace is Civil 3D, then change it to 2D drafting and annotation. Once the workspace change is complete, switch it back to the previous workspace. This usually does the trick but NOT 100%. If it doesn’t work then try the next solution.

Solution 2: From the Ribbon menu, switch over to the Home tab then close the application. Reopen the drawing file back up in Civil 3D 2010 and switch it back to the Annotate tab. Icons should be restored!


Reference Article:


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