Using Command Aliases in Inventor


One thing I see as being underused and undervalued in the world of Inventor is Command Aliases.

Since Inventor 2008 this little improvement has sped up my own modeling process no end.  

With a few simple clicks you can have Inventor customized to your liking so that you no longer have to waste time searching for those commonly used tools in the panels or ribbon.   Things like, Project Geometry, for example.   By entering a possible “PG”  you could be there.   How often do you use sketch constraints?   You certainly should be.   “COL” could activate Collinear, “TC” could give you Tangent Constraint, “HC” and “VC” could give you Horizontal and Vertical Constraints without the distraction of searching for their symbols in the constraints list.

It’s also a great tool for the AutoCAD user recently transitioned to Inventor.   Simply set up Inventor to use the same commands you previously used in AutoCAD for similar functions.

The best part is how quick and easy it is to set up. 

Go to Tools > Customize > Keyboard.

The entire list of Inventor command names appear.   These can be filtered so that, for example, only sketching tools are visible.

Find the command name you want to assign an Alias to (the list is alphabetical) and click in the “Keys” area to the left of the command name.   An input box will appear allowing you to type in whatever combination of letters and numbers you choose.   You will be notified if the alias you have typed is currently assigned to another function.

Hit the green check mark and you’re done.

When you have finished assigning all your personal aliases, make sure you hit the “export” button and save to a safe place (your personal flash drive possibly?).  This will enable you to quickly import your custom shortcuts should you find yourself at another workstation or if you ever have to reinstall.

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference.



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