Vertically-centering text objects in Inventor drawings.


When creating drawings in Inventor, you may want to have text center (middle-justify) vertically. The problem is that the preview looks great, but the text will not center in the drawing.

wc text justify 1

Here are the steps to change files that have an existing justification problem:

General step 1: Make a copy of the current drawing’s annotation objects style & edit the copy…

wc text justify 2

The reason for making a copy of the style is twofold:

     1) The original style is preserved without change. This makes it easy to revert back.

     2) A style can be copied & modified more than once to create easily customized objects.

General step 2: Use the copied & modified style to set the defaults for the desired drawing objects…

wc text justify 3

General step 3: Select annotation object(s) to be modified (hold <Ctrl> key down for multiple selections) & change their style from the drop-down list…

wc text justify 4

Any type of annotation object can be modified using this procedure. Simply set up the desired style or standard parameters in a copy of the existing style/standard, then use that style as the default for individual objects in the “Object Defaults” section of the dialog box. That’s it!



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