Slice Graphics Display Texture Change


CAUTION: Before attempting any change to the Windows registry, make a backup. See the Windows Help files on how to back up the registry.

There’s no UI for this, but if you REALLY want to change the dotted, concrete-looking texture here’s how.

NOTE: This regisstry modification is UNDOCUMENTED and NOT tested by Inventor QA. NO TECH SUPPORT is available on this tip.

So here goes…

1. Close Inventor.

2. Start > Run > regedit > OK.

3. In the Registry Editor dialog, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersion(current release number)\System\Preferences\ColorSchemes\Schemes

4. Expand the “Schemes” folder & click folder of the color scheme number where you want to change the texture.

FYI – here is the mapping between color scheme number and name:
Num Name
(1)     Deep Blue
(3)     Forest
(4)     High Contrast
(5)     Millennium
(7)     Presentation
(9)     Sky
(10)   Winter Day
(12)   Wonderland

5. On a blank area of the right pane of the regedit dialog, right-click > New > String Value.

6. Rename “New Value #1” to SliceCapTexturePath. The name must be entered exactly as shown here — registry variables are case sensitive.

7. Double-click the name, and the Edit String dialog will pop up.

8. Enter either an absolute path in the Value data field or a dash ( – ). Absolute path example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 10\Textures\surfaces\Carpet_Pat06.bmp. See below for what the dash does.

9. Hit OK.

10. This must be done for each color scheme (see above) that you want to change.

11. Exit the registry editor & start Inventor and try the Section View and Slice Graphics.

Here’s how Inventor determines how to display sliced graphics. Thanks to Paul Hanau (Inventor developer).

If SliceCapTexturePath is absent, you get the default texture.

Otherwise (SliceCapTexturePath is present)

If string value is “” (empty), you get the default texture
If string value is “-“ (dash), you get no texture at all on cut faces.
Otherwise, Inventor tries to load the .bmp file with the given absolute path and uses it as the cut face texture.

That’s it.



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