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Preparing for Autodesk Certification

January 8, 2010

Preparing for Autodesk Certification

Before taking the Autodesk Certification exam there are some steps that should be taken to make sure you’re fully prepared to pass the tests. 

What Certification Do You Want?

There are two types of Certifications you can qualify for: Certified Associate and Certified Professional. 

Certified Associate

The Certified Associates Exam has 30 multiple choice questions.  There is a 60 minute time limit.    

Certified Professional

The Certified Professional Exam is a performance based exam.  This means you get test answers by working through problems in the respective program you’re testing for.  You have 90 minutes to complete the 20 question exam.  The passing score varies depending on the product you are testing for.

Both exams must be taken at an Authorized Autodesk Testing Center.

To become an Autodesk Certified Professional you have to pass both the Certified Associate and Certified Professional Exam.

Step 1: Exam Guides

Exam guides are intended to help develop a strategy for passing the test.  Exam guides contain exam preparation information, exam objectives, sample items and test taking strategies.  You can find exam guides at each Certification product page.  Exam Guides

Step 2: Assessment Tests

Assessment exams are non-proctored exams that are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There is no passing score for Assessment Tests.  This is the first step to see what your chances are of passing the real tests.  If you fail this test miserably you have some studying to look forward to.  Assessment tests can be downloaded from

Step 3: Training

There is no substitute for formal training when it comes to learning CAD software.  Instructor-led training guarantees you learn the full scope of the product.  People that teach themselves CAD software (or learn on the job) are always successful in making themselves productive; however, there are many aspects of the program they do not learn.  To pass either of the Certification exams, it is imperative to have a complete understanding of the program you are testing for.  A good fundamentals class is adequate to pass both Certification exams.  Intermediate or advanced classes will help but are by no means necessary.

Register for Total CAD Systems Training

Step 4: AOTG (Autodesk Authorized Training Guide)

AOTG covers all the exam objectives, so they are ideal study material.  The AOTG comes with a dataset to work through exercises at your own convenience.   A 30 day software trial version is included with each AOTG.  When you take classes at Total CAD Systems you get a copy of your class’s AOTG with the training.

AOTG books can be purchased at the Autodesk Store.

Step 5: Practice Exam

Taking a Practice test will be the next step in gauging your product knowledge.  Like the Assessment exam, the Practice test is a non-proctored exam that can be taken 24-7.  You’ll need to have a standalone copy of the testing software to work through exercises and get answers to questions.  Practice tests can be downloaded from

Step 6: Certified Associate Exam

Go to your local Authorized Testing Center and take the Certified Associates Exam.  After passing you’ll be a Certified Associate.  Good job!!!

Step 7: Certified Professional Exam

After passing the Certified Associate exam, you’re ready to take the Certified Professional exam.  After passing the Certified Professional exam, pat yourself on the back.  Your hard work has paid off.

After passing your tests login into your account at and download your certificate and email signature icons.

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