Post on Raster Images and Not Being Able to Save


We have Civil 3D 2010 and Raster Design 2010 installed on our computers. A problem arose when trying to SAVE after inserting a SID file using the IMAGE INSERT command from the Raster Design ribbon. The following error message was displayed and the drawing could not be saved.

 So, on my CPU, I went to Control Panel and removed Raster Design. I then had to do a Repair on Civil 3d 2010. At that point the MAPIINSERT command would not recognize MrSID files. I then installed the raster object enabler. At this point I could use MAPIINSERT and MAPWSPACE to insert SID files and was able to save the drawing.

 I then went to a CPU that still had Civil 3D 2010 and Raster Design 2010 installed on it and found that I could use MAPIINSERT to insert a SID file and save the drawing. But if I then clicked the Image tab to bring up the image ribbon, I could no longer save and again got the above error message.

 So I then went to a third CPU with Civil 3D 2010 and Raster Design 2010 installed and was able to repeat the above scenario. On this CPU, however, I went into the CUI dialog box and shut down the Image tab so that the Image Ribbon cannot be clicked.

 As a temporary fix I will instruct our users to use MAPIINSERT to bring in SID files and inform them to “under no circumstances” click the Image Tab and will begin going around to turn off the Image ribbon. After that I will discuss removing Raster Design completely.

This post is courtesy of Jim Hamilton of Centerpoint Energy.


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5 Responses to “Post on Raster Images and Not Being Able to Save”

  1. Kyle Newcomer Says:

    Autodesk’s approach to raster images is continued evidence that they care more about making a profit than making a quality product. Their software can do some amazing things, but it doesn’t do them in an intuitive or user friendly way.

  2. Chris Says:

    Great post Todd. I’m glad to see your getting your Blog rolling.

  3. Craig Claassen Says:

    I’m having similar problems. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall on CPU, but problem re-occurs. Cannot get Raster Image to recognize SID format. No answer yet.

  4. Ben Chavez Says:

    I have had problems as well. With your post it has allowed .sid insertion but it takes about 10 times longer than the C3d 2009.

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