A Usable Combination: Feature lines and 3d Polylines


So the universe tends to play tricks on us—something that rarely happens suddenly begins happening repeatedly around the globe, like earthquakes or tsunamis, fires—and just as this happens outside our world of Civil 3d, it also happens within our world.  Take for instance feature lines…users have been working with feature lines for quite some time, but it seems that once in a while everyone encounters the same problems at the same time.  Recently, we’ve taken several calls from users in different companies who are experiencing software crashes when trying to edit feature lines.  What if we could find a way to avoid these types of issues?  Hit them head on before they hit us? 

 Notoriously, feature lines are problematic in complex grading designs, and also present problems where they try to interact, such as intersections or where their ends touch—did you know that 3D polylines can be used in combination with select feature lines to achieve the same goal?  Well, YES, they can!  3D polylines have many of the same options as feature lines, such as adding to a surface as a breakline, insert and delete PI’s, reverse, fillet, join, set grade/slope between points, edit elevations, insert high/low points, raise/lower, and many more.  Using a combination of just a few feature lines along with 3D polylines might just be the safe alternative many of us are looking for—it is certainly worth a try!


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