The Civil 3D Sequel: 2011


The release of Civil 3d 2011 is quickly approaching, and there are lots of new time-saving improvements that are worth a second look.  We are currently in the exploration process here at TotalCAD, uncovering the secrets of the new release and working on the best possible way to implement the changes, many of which are going to be tremendously helpful in executing production plans faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Remember the bundle of extras in the subscription center from 2010, which included such things as point clouds, roundabouts, and improved corridor modeling?  Those are now included in the core product and will be available to all 2011 users. 

 Another area that has been vastly improved are data shortcuts—to reference old faithful, Land desktop had a project folder structure that was logical, and once a drawing was associated to that project, it took a concerted effort to re-associate it to another project.  Previously in Civil 3d, it was fairly easy to accidentally reference the wrong data shortcuts to the wrong drawing….needless to say, it was not at all difficult to create a mess.  The improved data shortcut functionalities resonate the project association of LDT, making it more difficult to ‘accidentally’ cross reference the wrong data.  

To get a glimpse of what to expect from Autodesk 2011 series, come see our rollout event on May 25-26-27 held here in Houston at our training facilities, many new and exciting things will be introduced and discussed.  Please call Nhi to get signed up, and we look forward to seeing all of you!


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