What’s New in Map 3D 2011?


 Working with Data

Improved and extended capabilities to utilize data from other sources

· Point Cloud Features

    • Import LiDAR data from LAS and ASII
    • Visualize large point clouds in 3D
    • Filter, style, mask and delete points
    • Extract point data to create surface models

· Enhanced 3D Surfaces Tools

    • Integrated into ribbon
    • Create 3D grid surfaces from survey data or point clouds
    • Visualize in 2D or 3D
    • Drape raster data over surfaces

· New FDO providers

    • ESRI ACSDE v9.3.1
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1
    • PostGIS 1.3
    • SQLite

Planning, Design & Analysis

Improved leveraging of AutoCAD tools and extended Map 3D functionality

· Intelligent block snapping

    • Osnap to available snap point in blocks

· Improved Overlay analysis

    • Scalable to tens of thousands of features

· Extended Worklow capabilities

    • connect to any data source
    • execute any AutoCAD command
    • change feature layer styles
    • run analysis.

· Multi-coordinate system tracking

     Track in multiple coordinate systems through a single interface

Sharing & Publishing

Improve information sharing by publishing maps which conform to organization’s standards

· Grids and Graticules

    • Incorporated MGRS coordinate system
    • Add grids and graticules using a simple interface
    • Update dynamically

Additional Map 3D Enhancement sharing & Publishing

· Improved memory footprint and startup

· Enhanced caching

· New and improved user assistance features


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