Just Pointing It Out!


Years ago, when first entering the world of Civil/Survey, I worked with a program called Softdesk .  I remember a specific command that allowed me to list the available point numbers in the project, which came in very handy when manually adding extra points by allowing me to choose a point number (if available) within the range of the area in which I was working.  This was also helpful when sending survey crews out to shoot specifics, for them to have a range of points that could easily be added to their data without interfering with existing point number designations.  Softdesk became part of Autodesk, and I think the command was also available in LDT–sound familiar, anyone?  

Now, skip forward, past Land Desktop, to Civil 3d—2011 has brought that option back to us.  “List Available Point Numbers” helps determine which points have already been used in the drawing.  It lists the points that are in use in the current drawing file, and the point numbers that are available to be assigned for the creation of new COGO points.  

Sometimes, the smallest things are what save us from hours of frustration!


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