What’s coming down the pipe? Latest “Pipe Analysis” tool!


Recently, Autodesk Acquired BOSS International which had a product “StormNET” used for storm design analysis.

One of the latest innovations is the Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis Stand-Alone, derived from StormNET technology. If you are a Civil 3D or Map 3D subscription customer in North America, you can download Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis Stand-Alone.

Autodesk added the ability to import a STM file so you can take the pipe network from Civil 3D and into SSA. You can run your analysis then reimport the pipe network back into Civil 3D updating the current model. One other touch mentioned to SSA is the ability to import shapefile data and obtaining those parameters from the shapefiles such as pipe size, materials, and slopes to name a few.

This is great information from Dana Probert, PE. I encourage you to continue your exploration of this new finding by utilizing the threads below!

More resources on the topic:

Example: City wide drainage study and shapefile data by Dana Probert, PE.

 Join the Autodesk Stormwater Discussion Group.

 Matt Anderson’s thoughts and information on Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis-




To download the extension, go to www.autodesk.com/subscription! If you aren’t sure if you are on subscription, ask your CAD manager or Autodesk reseller.




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