Station Offset to Points, Sorting by Point Number?


As most Civil 3D users are aware of, the product comes with reporting capability found in the Toolbox tab of the Toolspace. A client has brought to my attention that when they use the report, Station Offset to Points report, they noticed this report sorts by point number rather than by stations.  Unless you have knowledge with .NET and writing DLL’s to modify existing reports or create new reports, I would like to share a work around developed by a client of ours.

The next time you need to generate a Station Offset to Points report follow these steps to sort the report by Stations.

  1. Toolspace > Toolbox tab > expand Points and double click on Station Offset to Points to execute the report.image
  2. In the dialog, select the alignment then uncheck points you DON’T want to include in the report.
  3. Click on the folder icon to “Save report to:”. This is where you can navigate to a folder location, enter a file name and most importantly, change Save as type to Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.XLS).

Now that you have created the report, navigate to your file and open it. Notice that it opens in Microsoft Excel. The following steps are going to walk you through doing a Custom Sort for the station values.

  1. In order to properly sort by stations, you will need to perform a Find and Replace on the plus value (+) and replace it with, well nothing. That away the plus goes away. Go to the Ribbon > Home > Editing panel > Find & Select.
  2. Highlight all rows and columns displaying point location.image
  3. The final step is to do a Custom Sort. Go to the Ribbon > Home > Editing panel > Sort & Filter > Custom Sort. image
  4. Go to Column, Sort by and set it to Station then click OK.

From this point, you can make final edits with the columns so that the starting table column starts with Station. This concludes the exercise! I hoped this helps!



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