A New Vision: Conceptual Visual Styles


 Has everyone begun cutting their teeth on the new features in Civil 3d 2011?  I’ve been playing around and have discovered that C3D 2011 not only includes the C3D 2010 Subscription Pack extras as part of the core product, but also includes basic Autocad Subscription extras in the core as well.  One of my favorite new features is the extended selection of view types.  Previously, we had a choice of 2D Wireframe, 3D Hidden, 3D Wireframe, Conceptual, and Realistic.  The new, expanded choices also include Shaded, Shaded with Edges, Shades of Gray, Sketchy, and X-Ray. 

This should narrow down the need for custom visual styles, although that option is still available, and you can modify the existing styles using the visual styles manager.  

Take care and hope to see you guys soon!


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