Flow Diagrams Cont.


Normally, a separate flow diagram is prepare for each plant process. If a single sheet would be too crowded, two or more sheets maybe used. For simple processes, more than one may be shown on a sheet. Process lines should the rate and direction of the flow, and other require data, noted. Main process flows should preferably be shown going from the left of the sheet to the right. Line sizes are normally not shown on a flow diagram. critical internal parts of vessels and other items essential to the process should be indicated.

All factors considered, it is advisable to write equipment titles either near the top or near the bottom of the sheet, either directly above or below the equipment symbol. Sometimes it may be directed that all pumps be drawn at a common level near the bottom of the sheet, although this practice may lead to a complex-looking drawing. Particularly with flow diagrams, simplicity in presentation is of prime importance.

Direction of flow within the diagram are shown by solid arrowheads. The use of arrowheads at all junctions and corners aids the rapid reading of the diagram. The number of crossings can be minimized by good arrangement. For photographic reduction, lines should be space not closer than 3/8 inch.

Process and service streams entering or leaving the flow diagram are shown by a large hollow arrowheads, with the conveyed fluid written over and the continuation sheet number within the arrowhead.

Next time, Valves on the Flow Diagram

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