There is a feature in Civil 3D that is quite hidden, but seems to be very useful, especially if you are building a corridor that you want to use for “driving” down the road.  This feature was introduced with 2010.  When you insert blocks into the drawing, such as a sign, tree, etc., the block comes in at a Z value of 0, unless otherwise specified.  Well, there is a nice little tool located in the MODIFY tab.  If you pick on Surface, under the MODIFY tab, your ribbon will show surface functions for modifying.  Pick on Surface Tools, and select Move Blocks To Surface as shown below:

5-27-2010 2-23-51 PM

You are then prompted to select a surface.  Select your surface.  After this a dialog box pops up with the name of all the blocks in your drawing.  You can select one, or multiple.

5-27-2010 2-23-51 PM

Now you can see by the snapshot below, that your selected blocks have moved to the surface that you selected.

5-27-2010 2-23-51 PM


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