Civil 3D and Navisworks


This post is for all of you out there that are learning Navisworks.  As many of you know, sometimes it can be a real pain to view large surfaces within Civil 3D, especially if you do a 3D Orbit.  By having Navisworks installed on your machine, Civil 3D notices that it is installed and gives us some new commands and functionality within Civil 3D.  So, having said that, there is a viewing engine that will open inside Civil 3D by using the NWNAVIGATOR command.  Dialog box is shown below:

6-8-2010 11-28-47 AM

Once this dialog box comes up, you may then click on the refresh button within this dialog box, and your Civil 3D model will appear.

6-8-2010 11-28-47 AM

Once refreshed you will have a nice, rendered model of your surface that you can rotate, pan, zoom, or orbit, without any lag.

6-8-2010 11-28-47 AM

Nice little utility thanks to Navisworks!!


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