How do I extract a Cut/Fill Contour?


This is a question that runs past me time to time. As we’ve come to acknowledge with such a diverse product like AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011, there are about a million ways to achieve the same result. I confess, a slight exaggeration!

For such an easy task, I, myself struggled in means of a fail safe solution for:

1. Identifying elevation zero (0) which graphically represents the location of where cut areas meets fill areas.

2. And once identified, how do we extract those contours from the surface.

Prerequisite: Two surfaces would need to be created and a “Volume Surface” would contain both surfaces to inquire cut and fill volumes but also offers us the locations of cut and fill areas on the job site.

Finishing steps:

1. Create a surface style whether by New or Copy and name it to User Contour then under the Display tab, turn off all Components except for User Contours.


2. From your “Volume Surface”, go to Surface Properties and under the Information tab set the Surface Style to User Contour then click on the Analysis tab. Set the Analysis type to User-defined contours and the Range Number to 1 then click on the Run Analysis button (the down arrow button).

3. From the Range Details, you can edit the Elevation value to 0.00 and click the OK button to apply and exit dialog.


4. Here come the easy part! Select the User Contour in plan view and on the Contextual Ribbon under the Surface Tools panel you will find the Extract Objects command. A dialog will appear including the User Contour object Property just click OK to complete the command.

If you find this useful, place your User Contour surface style in the drawing template for future use. Enjoy!

Total CAD Systems, Inc.


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