Custom Elevation


In the current Revit 2011 release, one of the new features is the ability to customize elevation symbols.  Revit has two additional family templates available for creating a custom elevation: Elevation Mark Body and Elevation Mark Pointer (See Figure Below).

The process of creating a new elevation is to create an elevation mark pointer in combination with an elevation mark body.  Start off by opening the Elevation Mark Pointer family template.  In the pointer family, create an elevation pointer symbol and add labels such as Reference Label, View Name Label, and Detail Number label.  (See Figure Below)


Save the family.  To create the elevation body, start by opening the Elevation Mark Body family template.  After opening load in the Pointer family.  In the elevation body family, create the body where the pointer will be hosted and add a Sheet Number Label (See Figure Below).

Next the Pointer and Body must be combined to complete the elevation.  Place the pointer at the locations where it is supposed to be located.  Make sure that once it is placed in the desired locations that it is locked to the Reference Planes (See Figure Below).

Save the family.  Create a new project and load the elevation family.  In order to use the family in the project there are a few steps to follow.  First go to the Manage Tab > Additional Settings > Elevation Tags and this will open a dialog box.  Duplicate the existing type and change the Elevation Mark to the custom family created.  (See Figure Below)

Place an elevation symbol in the project and select the symbol, go the properties.  Select Edit Type and change the Elevation Tag to the Custom tag. (See Figure Below)

The elevation is updated in the project and has the ability to create additional views.

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