Special fittings, essential Instrumentation, Equipment Data, and Stanby & paralleled equipment



Special fittings:

Piping fittings, strainers, and flame arrestors should not be shown unless of special importance to the process.

Essential Instrumentation:

Only instrumentation essential to process control should be shown. simplified representation is suitable. for example, only instrumentation such as controllers and indicators need to be shown: items not essential to the drawing transmitters, for example should be omitted.

Equipment Data:

Capacitites of equipment should be shown. equipment should be drawn schematically, using equipment symbols, and where feasible should be drawn in proportion to the actual size of the items. equipment symbols should neither dominate the drawing, nor be too small for clear understanding.

Standby & Paralleled equipment:

Stanby equipment is not normally drawn. if identical units of equipment are provided for paralleled operation (that is, all units on stream), only one unit need normally be drawn. Paralleled or Standby units should be indicated by noting the equipment number and the service function like (‘STANBY’ or ‘PARALLEL OP’). it is advisable to draw equipment that is operated cyclically. for example, with filter presses operated in parallel, one may be shown on-stream, and the second press for alternate operation

Process Data for equipment:

the basic process information required for designing and operating major items of equipment should be shown. this information is best place immediately below the title of the equipment.

A. Zelaya

Total Cad Systems Inc.


Identifying Equipment


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