How to REMOVE TRIANGLES when displaying a surface in REALISTIC view from Object Viewer?


I remember running into a snag with the where about of mysterious triangles appearing on my surface as I had my view set to the Realistic view orbiting my surface from within the Object Viewer. I was convinced this modification would have to do with a component turned on from my surface style but soon realized something else was controlling these triangle to appear on the surface, but what?

It turned out that Visual Styles have parameters that can display edges on 3d models, in this case, a Civil 3D Surface model. Visual Styles are part of the AutoCAD platform and controls the visual state of your display by allowing us to see a representation of how the 3d objects look and feel from 2d Wireframe and 3d Wireframe to Conceptual or Realistic. We can create and manage these styles through the Visual Styles Manager dialog.



Let’s review!!

The Surface Style in use has Border, Major and Minor Contour Component turned ON but when viewed in the Object Viewer, triangles are displayed.


Continue the following steps:image

  1. Close the Object Viewer if open.
  2. From the Ribbon, select the View tab and expand the Views panel. There you will find a list of visual styles along with access to the Visual Styles Manager. Alternatively, type VSM to open pallete.
  3. Click the preview box for visual style, Realistic.
  4. Under Edge Settings, make sure to modify the Show parameter to NONE.





Select your surface, right click and select Object Viewer. You will see a true representation of the models condition without the eyesore of triangles. Enjoy…



R. Caudell

Total CAD Systems Inc.


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