Identifying Equipment (Process Flow Diagram)


Identifying Equipment:

Different types of equipment may be referred to by a classification letter or letters. there is no generally accepted coding – each company has its own scheme if any standarization is made at all. Equipment classes under a certain letter is numered in sequence from ‘1’ upward. If a new installation is made in an existing plant, the method of numering may follow previous practice of the plant. Also, it is useful to divide the plant and open part of the site as necessary into areas, giving each a code number. An area number can be made the first part of the equipment number. For example, if a Heat Exchanger is the 53rd item of the equipment listed under the classification letter ‘E’ located in area ‘1’, so the equipment  number can be 1-E-53.

Each item of equipment should bear the same number on all drawings, diagrams and listings. Standby  or identical equipment, if in the same service, maybe identified by adding the letters, A, B, C, and so on, to the same equipment identification letter and number. For example, a Heat Exchanger and its standby may be designated 1-E-53A, and 1-E-53B.

Services on Process Flow Diagrams:

Systems for providing services should not be shown, however, the type of service, flow rates, temperatures and pressures should be noted at consumption rates corresponding to the material balance-usually shown by a ‘flag’ to the line.

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Disposal of Waste and Material Balance in the Process Flow Diagram


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