VBA Modules


By now most of you have been working with 2011 products.  So, I know that you have seen this dialog box pop up when opening a drawing.

6-8-2010 11-28-47 AM 

With 2011, VBA was discontinued and the 2011 products now run on the .NET Framework.  As you can see from the image above, you have three choices to choose from.  I am writing this blog because of what I experienced with this dialog box yesterday.  In the past I always selected the last option which is to Continue with the current command.  I never had any problems when doing this.  The top option, Convert VBA content to .NET works great too according to my co-worker.  Getting to the point, and the last option, Download the VBA Modules, this turned into a nightmare for me.

I downloaded the VBA Modules and it seemed like everything was running just fine.  WRONG!!  During a dry run demo, I executed the Create Feature Lines from Objects, and BAM, I get the debugging screen.  I could not get out of the debugging program to save my life.  It was looping and not letting me exit.  This would have looked really bad if I would have went to the demo and crashed and burned like this. 

I highly recommend using option #1 or #3.   If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us before you choose the wrong option.


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