Revit MEP Project Setup – Part 1


Background Cleanup

This is the first post from a series focusing on the initial project setup in Revit MEP.

Before starting a new project there are a few steps we need to take to prepare the architectural background. The background cleanup is not absolutely necessary, but it can reduce the file size and improve the performance of our MEP model. Here are the steps:

  1. Detach from Central – Open the file with the “Detach from Central” checkbox checked. This will disconnect the file from the original central and give you the option to modify it.
  2. Delete views – Since we are linking the model, not the floor plans, we don’t really need all the views in the architectural file. Therefore we can delete all views but one (Revit won’t let us delete the last one)
  3. Purge unused – al the unused families in the project. It’s important to do it after deleting the views since that will add a lot of annotation families to the unused list.
  4. Save as a different name – That will create a new Central file disconnected from the original central file. After deleting the views and purging the file we should have a smaller file, which will improve the performance of our MEP model.

One Response to “Revit MEP Project Setup – Part 1”

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