As most of you know, there are several undocumented commands that pop up on the internet from time to time.  I posted a while back on point style undocumented commands.  Below is a list that I put together of some of the other undocumented commands. Enjoy!!

AeccFindSiteOverlaps – identifies the area(s) that overlap, using a standard AutoCAD point.

AeccLineworkShrinkWrap – a new polyline will be created on the current layer from the silhouette/outline of the selected object(s).

AeccRemoveDupFeatureLines – moves overlapping feature lines to their own, individual site.

AeccRemoveDupLotLines – moves overlapping parcel lot lines to separate sites.

AeccRemoveAlignmentsFromSite – moves alignments to the Alignments collection in the Prospector.

ShortcutAssociateEnable – each time a Data Shortcut or Reference is created, that project will become current when that drawing is opened.

AssociateProjectToDrawings – associates the Data Shortcut project to a folder of drawings.  ShorcutAssociateEnablemust be executed first in order for this to work.

ShortcutAssociateDisable – disables the setting.

Laydel – deletes the layers from the style and sets them to layer 0 after an audit.


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