Revit MEP Project Setup – Part 2


Creating a new project

After we have a clean background (See previous post), we are ready to start a new MEP Project. The first step is to select the appropriate template. The template is going to contain all the project settings – line styles, line weights, units, etc. The template will also have preloaded families and views already created.

To start a new project with the option to select a template we need to go to the Application menu – New – Project (The new button in the Recent Files screen will start from a default template)


Then we can Browse for a template.


Out of the box Revit MEP has three MEP specific project templates “Mechanical-Default.rte”, “Electrical-Default.rte” and “Systems-Default.rte” (includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing views and families) For example, in the “Mechanical-Default.rte” there are only mechanical and plumbing components already loaded in the project. There are going to be no power or lighting views created. The rest of the templates are architectural or construction.


It is recommended that you create a company standard template so you don’t have to change settings and load commonly used families every time you create a new project. I’ll try to put together a checklist and guidelines for creating a template in a separate post…


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