Your Vault tools are missing…




While working within the Inventor or any application that has a Vault Add in (ribbon or toolbars) the Vault tools are missing or grayed out. Several events can cause this to occur, one is an update or service patch to the Inventor application; two is a severe system or network shutdown. Both can and will prevent the user from getting to the Vault Client.

The trick is to remedy this problem as soon as possible, read below to see how…

1. With Inventor open check the Add-in Manager, select <Tools>…


2. Once the Tools menu is open select <Add-Ins>…


3. With the Add-In Manager dialog window open, verify Inventor Vault is set to “Startup” and is “Loaded” if not, correct that behavior by clicking once on the “Inventor Vault” entry, then putting checkmarks in the “Loaded/Unloaded” and “Load On Startup” checkboxes …


4. Once “Loaded/Unloaded” and “Load on Startup” have been checked, exit Inventor and restart, and you will now have the “Vault” tab back in your ribbon interface…


Sometimes this action will not resolve the Vault Client access issue, an additional problem may exist with the vault add in. The Vault ribbon tools will still be grayed out and access to the Vault client is not possible. Even though the previous steps were followed to reset the Vault ribbon tool bar we still cannot login or perform Vault operations. This is because the EDM (Engineering Data management) is not loaded or started during the startup of Inventor, and, believe it or not this option in the Add-In manager is a hidden selection!

Again this should be fixed as soon as possible…

1. While in the Inventor application we need to select the <Tools> tab and then the <Add-Ins> tool to access the Add-In Manager again.

2. Right click in any open space in the Add-In Manager to access the “Show Hidden Members” option…


3. Check the Show Hidden Members to expose the EDM add in application…


4. Set the conditions to…


5. Exit the Add-In Manager, and the result of this operation, the Vault tool bar now actually will communicate with the EDM add in application.


Hope this will help when the Vault tool bar goes stealth…!



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