Video: Performing a Feature Overlay! What, what, what’s that?


As us, CIVIL GUY’S and GAL’s, learn more about Map 3D features inside Civil 3D, you may be at a point where you are ready to explore other arsenals in the Map 3D toolbox such as Feature Overlay.

I am using the Feature Overlay command to clip my connected data for flood zones to an area of interest. It is very simple really! Draw a polyline that represents the area of interest (AOI) for a project location. Use MAPEXPORT to export AOI as a polygon and a little advice, export as SDF rather than a shape file. When you export to a shape file, you will end up with a series of files to manage where an SDF (Autodesk Personal Database) is only a single file. Connect to your AOI.SDF file through the Map Taskpane or drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer as I did in the video. Now you are ready to perform the Feature Overlay Command…

Although I used the Feature Overlay Analysis to do a CLIP, there are other types of analysis to explorer!!



To play the video, just click on the image. It will take less then 2 minutes to watch.





Ryan Caudell

Total CAD Systems, Inc.


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