Video: Convert Block Attributes into Civil 3D Points (Update from an earlier blog post!)


I have provided a video to illustrate how you can start off with block attributes and export the data with the MAPEXPORT command to extract X, Y, along with point number, elevation, and description data from the block attribute definition into a ESRI Shape file format. You can take the exported DBF file and open it with MS Excel to rearrange columns to read PNEZD so Civil 3D will import points from file without error. It is important to review rows for missing point numbers or even alphanumeric point number values which are not supported in Civil 3D.

The example file used contains description as a numeric value in most cases. The drawing file obtained is in metric units and I have observed, was not properly created using a Civil 3D template therefore I created a file using the _AutoCAD Civil 3D (Metric) NCS.dwt drawing template and inserted the drawing file containing block attributes to start this exercise. If you insert a file, check your insertion unit setting prior to the INSERT command. I set mine to unitless to avoid any potential scale issue for the drawing I am inserting.

You may need to check what version of MS Excel your running and confirm it can open file formats such as DBF. I am running MS Office Excel 2007!

Click to Play!

Hope this helps,

Ryan Caudell

Total CAD Systems, Inc.


4 Responses to “Video: Convert Block Attributes into Civil 3D Points (Update from an earlier blog post!)”

  1. Jerms Says:

    Hi Thank for this great video but I’m encountering a problem. I’m using civil 08 and when I try importing the .csv file into civil I get an error message saying that “No points were transfered from the source”. I cleaned up the points followed every step but I get stumpped with this error. Any Ideas?

  2. RCaudell Says:

    Is there any point data listed in the CSV file or is it blank as indicated to the error message?

  3. Jerms Says:

    Yes all the data is in the CSV file. I’ve checked every line of data but can’t seem to find anything out of the ordinary in the CSV file to explain why it’s not importing. Would really appreciate your help to solve this. Thanx a mil.

  4. Todd Rogers Says:

    Can you send the CSV file so I can look at it? My email address is

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