Revit Revisions


Showing the revision number in a triangle

When it comes to revisions in Revit, I often get this question: “Can we show the revision numbers in a triangle” And my answer is usually “No”, but here is a little bit different answer:

You can show the revision number in a triangle if you create a font that has the triangle in the definition for the numbers. The easiest way is to duplicate and modify an existing font – the font you are actually using in Revit.


I used a free font editor that didn’t let me modify one of the standard Windows fonts, but you can purchase one of a number of font editing tools for better results.

Once you have the modified font you can assign it to the Revision Number. Since we cannot change the font for individual columns, you’ll need to create a separate schedule just for the number.


The first schedule is using the modified font and the second your standard Revit font. This is what the revision schedule looks like once it’s in the project:


This is a rather unorthodox solution, but it’s better than drawing the triangle by hand. The way I did it in this case is limited to only nine revisions, but there is a workaround, that I can post later on if there is interest.


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One Response to “Revit Revisions”

  1. Wes Says:

    What font editor did you use? I am trying to do the same exact thing in AutoCAD.

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