Grading A Parking Lot with Civil 3D 2011


In this video, I took and extracted 2 elevation points from a DEM surface that I downloaded for free from  I created this parking lot using the "out of the box" template file.  All design in this video was created with Civil 3D 2011.

parking lot


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6 Responses to “Grading A Parking Lot with Civil 3D 2011”

  1. abbas Says:

    i need to guide above land leveling in civil 3d 2011

  2. Jesse Ezzell Says:

    Would love to view the Video’s I need Your permission to do so

  3. Todd Rogers Says:

    You don’t need permission. The viewing limit has been reached for the month. Keep checking back to see when they are available again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Shaine Evanz Says:

    Thanks for providing such great video of parking lot overlays. I’ll be following your site for more interesting ideas to offer. keep posting!

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