An ‘UPDATE 1’ has been released for Civil 3D 2011


The terminology has been changed from Service Packs to Updates.

Be aware that there are two updates available for download, a 32-bit and a 64-bit. It is important to download the correct update based on the workstation operating system. You can check this by going into Window Explorer, right clicking on My Computer and select Properties. From the System tab, if it doesn’t indicate the system type as 64-bit then it can be assumed the operating system is a 32-bit.

From the thread below, you can open the Readme file that list the issues that have been fixed in this update.ViewCube

Last Note: After installing Update 1, users have noticed the background area of the ViewCube has turned white. This can be corrected by simply turning the video hardware acceleration on/off or vise versa (3DCONFIG).

Click thread to quickly access UPDATE 1

Ryan Caudell

Total CAD Systems, Inc.


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