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Uses of piping

Process Piping: Used to transport fluids between storage tanks and processing units.

Service Piping: Used to convey steam, air, water, etc., for processing. Service piping can be also define as Utility piping, but Utility piping is mostly reserved for major lines supplying water, fuel gases, and fuel oil (that is for commodities usuallyy purchased from utility comapnies and bulk suppliers).

Marine Piping: for ships is often extensive, much of it is fabricated from welded and screwed  Carbon-Steel piping.

Transportation Piping: Is normally large-diameter piping used to convey liquids, slurries and gases, sometimes over hundreds of miles. Ccrude oils, Petroleum products, Water, and Solid materials such as coal (carried by water) are transported thru pipelines. Different liquids can be transported consequently in the same pipeline, and branching arrangements are used to divert flows to different destinations.

Civil Piping: is used to distribute public utilities (water, fuel gases), and to collect rainwater, sewage, and industrial waste waters. most piping of this type is placed underground.

Plumbing: (commercial piping) is piping installed in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, residenses, etc., for distributing water and fuel gases, for collecting waste water, and for other purposes.

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