Video: Get your head in the clouds! Point Clouds that is…


Some companies are faced with being handed large point files even LiDAR or XYZ point file data to use for surface data. And for years, to manage this data type efficiently would border line, impossible without breaking up the point files or isolating an area of interest.

AutoCAD Civil 3D made improvements on the way but frankly, did not eliminate this problem all together until now. I was working with one of our subsea clients who obtained multiple point dataset with several million points in each file. They provided me a file that was 601MB text point file formatted XYZ with over 15 million points. The points are on a 2 meter grid spacing. All they wanted, is to make a surface of these points in Civil 3D so they can create a profile. After struggling to create a surface using their point file, Civil 3D was in running mode for over an hour. I decided not to wait and try something else when I realized in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011, had a new tool in there portfolio, POINT CLOUDS!

I create a point cloud with their data within a few minutes. Then I used, Create Surface From Point Cloud which also took another couple of minutes. I just want to share a fast run down with the Point Cloud features and how to get it into a surface object…

Click to play video


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