I Created An Assembly and I Want To Save It To My Tool Palette


I have received a lot of calls regarding how to save a custom assembly to the Tool Palette for later retrieval.  It is a relatively simple process.  I recommend first you create a personal tab on the Tool Palette.

11-4-2010 10-41-00 AMTo do this, first you must right click on one the existing tabs and select New Palette:









You can name the Palette anything you like as shown below:

11-4-2010 10-41-00 AM

Once you have created a new palette, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the custom assembly into the new palette.  Note:  You must realize that you CANNOT select the whole assembly.  You must select ONLY the assembly marker to drag and drop into palette.  The subassemblies will come with it automatically.

11-4-2010 10-41-00 AM

Note:  The program will prompt you to save the drawing before it will let you drop it into the palette.

Once the drawing is saved, the drag and drop will be successful and you will have the desired assembly in your Tool Palette to retrieve whenever you like.

11-4-2010 10-41-00 AM

As you can see, the assembly shows up in the Tool Palette and all you have to do is click on it and it brings in the full assembly.  You can also right click on the assembly from the Tool Palette, go to Properties and manipulate the parameters if need be.  The assembly will retain whatever parameters you change, which means you will not have to change them each time.


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2 Responses to “I Created An Assembly and I Want To Save It To My Tool Palette”

  1. Leann Phillips Says:

    Hey Roger,
    What version of C3D were you using?

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