Video: Civil 3D Objects in a Geospatial form…


Once our project is complete, we can take our data to the next level by archiving this data and reapplying it to mapping products such as Autodesk MapGuide to maintain company assets and use those assets to display existing locations along access to tabular content overlaid on parcel data of floodplain even imagery. This data can also be used in Map 3D or Civil 3D to help coordinate proposed infrastructure locations. This data can be accessible to anyone with an Internet connection utilizing Autodesk MapGuide products very affordably.


When you use Export Civil 3D Objects to SDF (an Autodesk Personal Database), a variety of data is exported along with the intelligent data contained within those objects helping us as Engineers and Designers to show and access geospatial data for adjacent project locations in preliminary design and running different analysis to better our design tactics solving issue early in the life of the project and even develop maps integrating other geospatial data overlaid on our design.



This can also open doors of opportunity within the Engineering market by providing GIS content as a deliverable and the ability to build and maintain a basemap infrastructure that clients can access even from their Apple IPhone.

Here is a video I provided to give insight to functionality that can take your Civil 3D data to a whole new level.


Hope you enjoyed the video! Until next time, have a great week.

Ryan Caudell

Total CAD Systems


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