AutoCAD Plant 3D


Orthos Ribbon

During the design of your pipe work you will need to create orthographic drawings. Next to your 3D models and your Isometric drawings the orthographic drawings are used as references where pipes, equipment, steel structure must be placed.

Most designers and project members that work in the field use 2D generated drawings to get in-depth information about the location of all components on-site.

AutoCAD Plant 3D is capable of creating these 2D drawings by using the orthographic drawings tools that are provided with the software. Orthographic drawings normally contain different types of views like Side Views,  and Top Views, this program is capable of sectioning views to get a clear idea how the site should be built and where the components go.

The orthos Ribbon is going to be used when you are going to create orthographic drawings of you 3D models. the orthos ribbon allows you to create views, to annotate the views, to edit the views, to update the views, to delete the views, and place dimensions to the views. and the new introduction to the Adjacent View, which creates an adjacent orthographic view from an existing one.

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