Feeling a Little Skewed?



As some of you know, creating a template file can be tedious and time consuming.  Upgrading to a newer release is pretty much essential these days.  So, naturally, you want things done easy and quicker.  Opening your old template file in a newer release of Civil 3D, and saving it to your newer release is obviously the quickest and easiest way.

I have noticed when doing the operation mentioned above, with Civil 3D 2011, the View Cube seems a little bit skewed.  This only happens if you have a coordinate system set in your previous release template file.  Once you click on the Convert VBA content to .NET option…

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM

You get this…

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM

As you can see, the View Cube is rotated just a little bit.  You can type in UCS and select World, you can type in PLAN and select World, or you can type in SNAPANG and it is already set to 0.  All these options DO NOT work.





So having said that, this is what you need to know.  First of all, it is View Cube specific.  So don’t freak out when you see this.  Your drawing is not skewed, ONLY the View Cube.

There are 2 ways to prevent this from happening.  One, you can set the coordinate system in the previous release to No Datum, No Projection.  This is in your Drawing Settings:

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM

Once you have done this, save it, then open it up in Civil 3D 2011, Convert VBA content to .NET, set your coordinate system and then save it in Civil 3D 2011.  The other way of going about doing this is to create a NEW template file in Civil 3D 2011, then use the Import Styles and Settings, located in your Toolbox tab, to import all the styles and settings into your new template file:

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM





This option is available when you install the Subscription Advantage Pack provided free to all customers on subscription.  If you are not on subscription, then this is not available to you.














Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and drive safe!!!


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