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More System Variables You May Not Know About

December 2, 2010

This is to add to a previous post here on our blog site that I posted a while back.  I picked up some handy system variables from watching Lynn Allen’s 40 Tips in 40 Minutes at the Autodesk University 2010 conference this week.  Below are the variables:

PEDITACCEPT – if you set this to <1>, then you will not be prompted ”Object selected is not a polyline – Do you want to turn it into one?”  This option is eliminated when changed to 1.

OSNAPZ – by changing this to <1>, when you snap to an object with an elevation, it grabs the current elevation on each point selected.

WHIPARC – if you set this to <1>, your circles and arcs are at a constant smoothness.  You don’t even have to set your VIEWRES when using this variable.

ZOOMFACTOR – this changes how fast your zooms are when rolling your wheel on the mouse.  You can set it from 3 to 100 (3 being the slowest).

ZOOMWHEEL – if you set this to <1>, it will reverse your zoom by using the wheel mouse.  As it is set by default, rolling forward zooms in, and rolling backward zooms out.  Setting the variable to 1 will change it to zoom out by rolling forward, and zooming in by rolling the wheel backwards.

MTJIGSTRING – whenever you do an MTEXT, you see the letters “abc” located beside the cursor, as shown below:

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM



You can change this to anything you want, but you have to keep it within 10 characters.




The results are shown here:

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM


Be sure to check back periodically for more system variables, tips and tricks.  Thanks for these Lynn!!