Lining it all up…. Frame Generator tip



Working with Frame Generator, placing steel on a skeleton and achieving the proper alignment of the steel is a  required tool every user needs to have in their bag.

In following Tip we will show you the process to identify the alignment, pick the reference beam or axis, and finally place the needed steel part.

The picture below is the Frame Skeleton part model we will work with in this example. As you can see the potential for some steel shapes to align to a different angle (not vertical or horizontal) could be a problem for our design.


Lets place the steel in the exact order as show in the figure below. If you look closely at the steel part near “PICK 1” you will see it is rolled somewhat…


Accepting the selections from above, the results are below, note the rolled steel position. It is possible to adjust the rolled angle needed for our design buy selecting placement of the steel in a different order…


The figure below represents a completely different placement order, and if we examine the steel at “PICK 3” placement location we can see the roll of the steel is aligned with the steel placed at “PICK 2”. Selecting the position at “PICK 2” then selecting the “PICK 3” position will align the part to the previous pick location “PICK 2”.


After making the selections above the results are shown below…


During the process of creating a frame it is a good idea to make alternate selections to properly place the steel. Users can even pick axis lines under other frame parts already placed to help with the alignment of the new parts to be placed…

For a  better example of how these pick selections work when placing steel parts, review the following video link posted below…

Frame Generator part placement

Hope this little tip will help with your Frame Generator steel design work…

Working with Steel, what a Deal…!



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