The FDO Toolbox


The FDO Toolbox is a GUI to the FDO API. It is a free open source standalone application to create, analyze, and process spatial data. It has features like; Bulk Copy, Bulk Update, Bulk Delete and more…. In the Object Explorer pane there is  a section for creating and saving Tasks. Map 3D, Civil 3D, and MapGuide Enterprise users will recognize the familiar Connect to Data. It also comes with a comprehensive User Guide.  Below are some screenshots and links to the download site along with a link to Jackie’s Blog.  FDO Toolbox supports 32 and 64 bit.

Special thanks to Jackie Ng and the Open Source community.

Access to the FDO providers

2-11-2011 2-19-46 PM

Access to the graphical data

2-11-2011 1-18-58 PM

Access to the tabular data

2-11-2011 1-19-37 PM

Link to the project and download site

Jackie Ng’s Blog



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