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Follow Up on “Feeling a Little Skewed?”

March 10, 2011

Back on November 24, 2010, I posted a blog about the View Cube being skewed.  Well I have found the solution thanks to Craig T. Bradley, P.E. and Jason Hickey (Autodesk).

Apparently there is a command called GEOGRAPHICLOCATION  that will fix this problem.

When you you notice the View Cube out of whack…


…type the command in, GEOGRAPHICLOCATION.

The Geographic Location dialog box appears with 3 options:


Select the last option, Remove the geographic location.

2-18-2011 11-45-22 AM

Click Yes.  Now your View Cube is fixed.

Keep in mind that this does not affect anything in your drawing.  This is an AutoCAD related setting, and has nothing to do with the Civil 3D geographic information.  So don’t think that this will mess up your orientation or coordinates.  Nothing happens except for fixing the orientation of the View Cube itself.