Piping & Instrumentation Diagram Series


Closures, Separators, screens, Strainers, and Steam Traps on the P&ID

Temporary Closures for process operation or personnel protection are shown in the P&ID

Separators, Screens & Strainers should be shown upstream of equipment and processes needing protection. Strainers collect solid particles in the approximate size range 0.02-0.5 inch, which can be separated by passing the fluid bearing them thru the stariner’s screen. Typical locations for strainers are before a control valve, pump, turbines, or traps on steam systems.

If the location of the Steam Traps are known they should be indicated. For example, the trap  require upstream of a pressure-reducing station feeding a steam turbine should be shown.

Steam traps on steam piping are not otherwise indicated, as these trap positions are determined when making the piping drawings. They can be added later to the P&ID if desired, after the piping drawings have been completed.

Driplegs are not shown, unless told otherwise.

Next time: Vents & Drains in P&ID


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