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Civil 3D Drawing Won’t Open; or Takes 15-30 Minutes to Open

September 15, 2011

I got a phone call this morning that had to do with a drawing that gets to 99% and never opens.  This is the second client I have had with this issue.

I had the customer open with the Recover option.  Still does the same thing.  This will eat up your resources like you wouldn’t believe, and even lock up the computer all together.

Here is the solution to this problem:

Both customers use Microstation as well as Civil 3D.  I have found this issue to be rather annoying from both ends.  How I discovered this issue is I actually saved the drawing to a different location so that the XREF’s would be “Unresolved”.  Drawing opens fine.  I then write down the XREF’s that are “Unresolved” and browse to them one by one and open them up. Once I opened up the first one, I get a dialog box that says, “This drawing was created with a program other than Autodesk…”, “Do you want to Continue with the Current Drawing”, or “Cancel Open”.

Press the “Continue” option and the drawing opens.  SAVE IT!!!  Open up the original drawing that had this as an XREF and it then opens fine.

So, what is happening is that one person will be working in Civil 3D and some one takes it upon themselves to open that drawing that is XREFed into the drawing you have open, and saves it as a .dwg from Microstation.  Saving a drawing as a .dwg from Microstation, DOES NOT make it an Autodesk DWG.  So when these drawings are opened back up in Civil 3D, the XREF that was opened in Microstation and “saved” as a .dwg, can’t load because Civil 3D wants to tell you that it’s not an Autodesk drawing and do you want to continue or cancel.  Well, since it’s an XREF there is no way for it to give you this option, so when it gets to the point to load the XREFed drawing, it hangs and just grinds away and never opens.

So be very careful with this and please let your office know about this issue if you use Microstation and Autodesk products.  Please be so kind as to let the office know that you are opening a .dwg in Microstation and saving it back to a .dwg.  Because once this happens, it is NOT an Autodesk drawing.

Good Luck!!

Prospector Slow?

September 15, 2011

With the 2012 release of Civil 3D there have been some performance issues.  Some of these issues can be linked to certain settings or display driver issues.  But there is an issue with the Prospector locking up and just grinding away for a good 5 minutes until the Item View window populates.  You can interrupt this wait by pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard, or…

Autodesk has a released a hotfix for this.  You can find the hotfix located here.

Make sure you contact us here at Total CAD Systems if you are having any more performance issues.

“Error: Angle is Out of Range”

September 2, 2011

I got a call from a customer the other day that was trying to import a .fbk (Field Book) file and was getting an error message stating “Error: Angle is Out of Range”.

What this error means is that the format of the angle is shown incorrectly.   It’s shown at 60 seconds.  An example is below:

F1 VA 5534 199.39466 437.647 90.4260 "crm8"

This is incorrect and should be changed to:

F1 VA 5534 199.39466 437.647 90.4300 "crm8"

This setting is either computed from the Data Collector, or the software that is used to convert the file to .fbk format.

You can find this solution at AutoCAD Civil 3D Services & Support.