Annotate Between 2 Points


As most of you know, when doing plats you need to annotate the R.O.W. (Right-of-Way) with a bearing and distance, and then you must annotate the lots with a distance if they are along the same bearing.

I have received many complaints that you must draw lines on top of already existing lines  in order to label it separately, resulting in extra work.

The complaint I hear from customers is that “it worked in LDD”.  Well that is true.  The label from “point to point” option has been abolished, leaving customers extremely frustrated.  There is a solution…

Thanks to one of our customers, Jay May at Johnson & Pace, he has came up with a great solution!!

The solution is very simple.  Create a dimension style with all linework of the style suppressed, leaving you with only the dimension with no linework, arrows or ticks.  The dimension style should be annotative.  The grips are still present for moving the text around and manipulating the text.  Making it annotative will update the viewport text sizing.

I have added the “label from point to point” to the wish list.  So hopefully they will add this feature back into the program.  Until then, we thank you Jay for saving us some valuable production time!!

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