Finding and Extracting the 64 bit SDE DLLs


For those who need to read/ write sde data in AutoCAD Map on a 64 bit OS , here is a way to acquire the ESRI DLLs you need.

Special thanks to Dale Boyett for this TIDBIT

1. Download the MSP file (the right service pack for your sde).

2. Go to the following web site, download, and extract the EXE and PDB files (2 files).

3. Run the following command from a command line. Modify the path as necessary.

msix sde931sp1-sqlserver-64.msp /out C:\dale\msp

4. Copy out the file PCW_CAB_BB77E0ED, and add the .cab extension to the copied file. You should end up with a file similar to the following: Copy of

5. With Windows Explorer, navigate inside of the cab file by double clicking it (winrar) and extract the following 3 files:




6. Rename the files by removing everything after the .dll extension.

7.  Copy the DLLs to the FDO\BIN folder and connect to SDE!!!


4 Responses to “Finding and Extracting the 64 bit SDE DLLs”

  1. Bob Irving Says:

    Poorly written and it did not work for me. I tried following the steps but I did not understand and got lost as to what we are trying to do at the command line.

  2. Jose Perez Says:

    works for me many thanks !

  3. Richard Bunten Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the instructions. It worked great.

  4. Robyn Says:

    These instructions worked great for me! Thank you so much. Now I just need to figure out why I’m not seeing any data in SDE :)

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