On a General Note…


As more and more people start using Civil 3D to its full potential, the need for more custom labeling increases.  Most of these people don’t know about the power of some of the labeling under the General section in the Settings tab of the Toolspace.

Under the General section, Label Styles, there are a few options that most of you are unaware of.  For instance, the Note section.  I had a customer call me today and wanted to know how to create a label for Northing and Easting without having to create a point.

It’s very simple…you create a label under Note. 

If you right click on Note and select New…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM

The Label Style Composer will open up.  Here you can give it a name.  In this case, I will call it Northing & Easting.

On the Layout tab, turn off the border around the text and set up the text properties to your liking.

Click in the Text Contents cell and pick the ellipsis…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM

This will bring up the Text Component Editor.  Add the Northing and Easting as desired…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM

Click OK, and OK again.

Now navigate to your Annotate tab of the ribbon.  Click the tag above Add Labels.  This brings up the Add Labels dialog box.  Select Note for the Feature, and Note for the Label Type.  For the Note Label Style, select the Northing & Easting you just created.  You can add a Marker Style of your choice.  In this case, I’m choosing the Basic X…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM

Click Add.  Pick a point for your label style and it will label your Northing and Easting.  Simple as that…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM

These ARE dynamic.  So if you move them, they WILL update accordingly.

Enjoy playing around with the many options you have under this section and check back soon for more updates!!


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