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Length of an Alignment is Not Equal to Ending Station in the Prospector

March 8, 2012

I received a feed this morning about the alignment in the Prospector not equaling up in length compared to the stations.

To read about this and the solution, refer to Autodesk’s website and in the search bar type in TS18717944, or click here to be directed to the solution.

LandXML or Insert Land Desktop Project?

March 2, 2012

An issue surfaced yesterday where a customer of mine exported his LDD surface out to LandXML, then imported the LandXML surface into Civil 3D. The results were that the surface came in being 27’ off south, and 4’ off west.

I had the customer check his coordinate systems in both softwares.  They were spot on.  I also had him check his units.  They were spot on.  Then I had him check the LandXML settings, and they were spot on.

I told the customer to use the Import>Land Desktop (IMPORTLDTDATA) option. The surface then came in correctly at the correct location.  Weird?  Yes, definitely!

I’m not sure what would have caused this.  Like I said I checked all the settings that would have possibly caused this.  So, this is a head’s up for those of you using the import LandXML option. 

Me, personally, recommend using the Import>Land Desktop option when bringing in legacy projects.