Fix for the New Layout Elements: Inserting North Arrows


There is a new feature in Map 3D and Civil 3D 2013 that will insert a north arrow and a scale bar.  When you click on a viewport, the contextual ribbon appears with new features for inserting north arrows and scale bars…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

A co-worker of mine noticed that when you insert the north arrow, it is rotated a little bit to the left as shown in the image below…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Well after beating our heads against the wall with this, I had an epiphany.  Well the last resort and solution worked.

Type in GEOGRAPHICLOCATION.  Keep in mind, you can only do this command in Model space.  If you try it in Paper space, it will make you aware that you have to be in Model space.

A dialog box will appear…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Choose Remove the geographic location.  Then it will prompt you, “All geographic location data will be removed from the drawing.  Do you want to continue?”.  Select Yes.

Erase the north arrow you inserted and re-insert it again.  It should be straight up and down now.

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM


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9 Responses to “Fix for the New Layout Elements: Inserting North Arrows”

  1. Michael Kohler Says:

    Do you have any information about the scale bar? When I insert a scale bar, after I select the location, the scale bar blows up to a huge size.

  2. Doug Says:

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the info. I read your post here that says this doesn’t effect civil3d settings, but when I run this in C3D 2013 It is removing my Zone setting. If I reset my Zone, the arrow skews again. Any ideas?


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