Productivity Tools for Civil 3D 2013


If you are a subscription customer with Autodesk, you can log into the Subscription website and download the Productivity Tools for Civil 3D 2013.  There are some pretty neat tools that might be helpful to you.  The tools will install into your Toolbox of the Toolspace under the Subscription Extension Manager.  These Productivity Tools include the following:

  1. Borehole Utility
  2. Cartogramma Utility
  3. Corridor Solids Extraction
  4. Extension for Civil View
  5. Import/Export Extension for GENIO
  6. 12D Data Extension
  7. Rural and Urban Road Subassemblies
  8. PISTE Translator (FR)
  9. Clip/ISTRAM Translator (ES).
  10. Bridge Modeler

You can also read about this on the Being Civil’s blog.


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4 Responses to “Productivity Tools for Civil 3D 2013”

  1. Duncan Brannan Says:

    I’m not sure if Bridge Modeler is included in this?

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